Rugged Fiber Optics

COTSWORKS, LLC is a manufacturer of rugged optical components for harsh environments. Founded in 2006, COTSWORKS provides transceivers, cables, and integration services to companies in the commercial aerospace, military, oil and gas, and other industrial markets.

The company operates out of headquarters in Northeast Ohio with approximately 5,000 square meters of secure and environmentally monitored space. ISO 9001 registered, ATEX-certified, and focused on quality design, manufacture, and customer support, COTSWORKS services the avionics and rugged electronics network communication needs of today and tomorrow.

Our expertise starts with extensive product knowledge in optics for communication: lasers, cables, and connectors. We utilize the best-in-class suppliers to bring their products into our facility where we design and perform final assembly on all of our products. We understand how semiconductor lasers are manufactured and how they operate over time and temperature and connect them with rigid and rigid-ex board designs that can operate over industrial or military temperature specifications. We design our metal housings to perform in noisy environments like aircraft flight decks, mobile ground radar links, and underwater sonar systems. COTSWORKS builds a substantial amount of its own test fixtures and does its own conformal coating which primarily uses Parylene deposition.