COTSWORKS strives to have the highest quality product and operate as ethically and effectively as possible. We maintain an approved vendor list, audit our suppliers regularly, and enforce a counterfeit components policy. Our secure facility (all entrances are locked and open only with secure access, has environmental alarms, offsite backup of data, and robust IT security policies.

Vendors can look forward to long term orders and a strategic partner to access the military, aerospace, industrial markets. Each purchase order is tracked for on-time delivery and quality with continuous improvement on incoming inspection of all product. We currently have vision stages and numerous gauges to measure and test product as it arrives at our manufacturing site.

Our Mission

Once, the military drove technology development. Now they, along with aerospace and industrial networking, are following the rapid innovation and technology churn of the telecom and datacomm markets. COTSWORKS can help bridge the inevitable End of Life Notice or custom design NRE with engineering, support, integration, and development by preserving a transceiver design for many years, not just the more traditional eighteen month timeframe. Our Mission is to enable a transformation from copper to optical networking with navigation, threat detection, and control systems from copper to optical networking at the world’s leading manufacturers of Military, Aerospace, and Industrial Communication. To do this, we will:

- Use highest quality Commercial Off the Shelf fiber optic parts from Tele/ Datacomm and make them work within Military/Aerospace, Industrial and custom specifications. They will also work in harsh environments.

- Help engineers design new or upgrade existing systems from copper, analog or unmonitored systems to digital, fiber optic based, high speed, intelligent systems with our highly engineered rugged products.

Our Business

We will help you define your fiber optic harsh environment network needs. Over a typical Military/Aerospace design timeframe, which could be several years, we will help you integrate rugged transceivers into a Line Replaceable Unit or other OEM electronics box. Understanding the network optical link budget, the electrical input and output requirements, the mechanical envelope for transceivers and cabling are all tasks that are a part of what we do for each and every customer.

We build and ship thousands of transceivers and cables each month for today’s leading OEMs and their partners. From design to prototype to production, we deliver high quality products and support. Orders for a dozen to tens of thousands of parts per year are supported with longer than industry average warranties. We also keep stock on hand for short run quick turn orders or long term pipeline supply agreements.

We offer three transceiver product families:

- The RCP ( Rugged Chipscale Pluggable). This innovative design features optical and copper pluggability, redundancy, and extremely accurate diagnostics. It’s a very good choice for military applications featuring 1-10Gbps multimode or single mode links.

- The RJ Family. These transceivers support both 850 and 1310nm multimode links, 1310nm and other wavelengths on single mode, built in diagnostics, and a robust surface mount electrical interface.

- The SFF Family. SFF is a mature product that is form factor based on industry standard. Featuring two rows of seven pins, it’s attached via through-hole pins. A rugged plastic guide keeps the pins straight in the PCB as it is soldered down and the case incorporates key EMI parameters to ensure high altitude operation.

-The LAC. An innovative new rugged optical transceiver form factor for inside of Line Replaceable Units in Military, Aerospace, and Industrial Applications

Our Key Business Features

  • Define F/O harsh environment network needs;
  • Integrate rugged transceivers onto embedded board or into a box-level solution;
  • Optical link budget needs (Tx and Rx dBm);
  • Electrical design requirements (minimal watts);
  • Mechanical configuration (circular, rectangular, backplane)
  • Quality prototypes with seamless transition to production;
  • Support Mil/Aero/Industrial documentation needs;
  • Ship production quantities (50-50,000/yr);
  • Warranty and support for life of program.