Commercial Aerospace

COTSWORKS’ transceivers are reliable and cost effective components for commercial aerospace networks. The SFF-SX, for example, can run up to 4Gbps over Industrial Temperature range while withstanding MIL-883 or 810 environments.

The Dual Tx or Rx configuration runs 3.1875Gbps ARINC 818 at -50 to 95C.

The dual or discrete circuits are electrically isolated providing a single package for a link requiring redundancy.

Protocols such AFDX, 802.3x, FPGA based 8b10b encoded protocols, PCIe, USB 3.0 and others are supported.

The lasers and receivers are calibrated to higher optical output, tighter tolerances, and more accurate support for SFF-8472 Digital Diagnostics.

COTSWORKS specialty is fiber cables inside a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) which are short and have tight bends.

Termini such as ARINC 801 or our LC-Rugged are rugged glass to silicon interfaces that connect the transceiver to the optical network of the airplane.

Rugged fiber cable from companies such as WL Gore are available as well as COTSWORKS’ own Linkbright and Linkbright Plus.