Industrial and Oil & Gas

COTSWORKS manufacturers optical components for the Oil and Gas and geophysical industries with ATEX certified optical transceivers and appropriate connectors for use on oil exploration platforms, acoustic sensors, and control plane links of drills or fluid processing equipment.

OP IS certification of the RJ family of optical transceivers makes them an appropriate and cost effective tool for using fiber optic cabling

The Lightning Stick media converter can be used as a tool for development and an OEM version can be mounted inside of communication equipment

The LS OEM operates at Industrial Temperature and has unique and creative ways to be mounted inside a box with both fiber and copper Ethernet cabling.

Standard 802.3 or Time Triggered versions of Ethernet are supported with control of key triggers like Tx Enable or SD

Potting, sealing, and conformal coating are ruggedization options to seal the electronics and even optics from outside environments