Kingfisher products

Fiber optic test equipment you can rely on.

Test, Certify & Maintain Fiber Optics with Confidence

Kingfisher International are the trusted experts in handheld fiber optic testing and certification - across telecommunications, networking, defense, aerospace, manufacturing, and research - Kingfisher's Australian made solutions have led the industry since 1986. Backed by a global distribution & support network spanning over 70 countries, Kingfisher is the professional's choice for real-world optical communications systems

Kingfisher International are specialist designers and manufacturers of handheld fiber optic test solutions.

Kingfisher’s solutions are used in all phases of fiber optic manufacture, installation and maintenance. Typical applications are to verify, test, certify and repair fiber optic systems in telecom, datacom, defense and automotive applications.

With a Kingfisher International test solution, you'll get:

  • The most accurate and flexible test equipment on the market.
  • Excellent user guides, standards compliant test procedures, and explanatory application notes.
  • 100% free reporting and certification software - highly integratable and customizable, with free upgrades.
  • Access to a global network of trained and experienced support & calibration specialists working with a stable, customer-oriented, scientific company.
  • Unique market-driven features, such as: Interchangeable Connectors, VisiTest, Two-Way ORL Testing, and 5λ.
  • Prompt service and quick delivery, from a supplier who understands your project requirements.
  • Long product life, and great overall return on investment.

Kingfisher International's depth of experience is reflected in their products, each one optimally engineered for accuracy, ease of use and reliability.


The modern fiber optic industry is characterized by increasingly broad deployment of what was once considered a specialist technology. Kingfisher's visionary technology goal of simplifying optical communications roll-out is their ongoing contribution to advancing the information age. Kingfisher’s consistent developmental focus on practical ease of use, productivity, and simplicity has consistently led the way in ensuring that fiber optics are practical and economical to install today.


Kingfisher’s high quality test equipment and innovative reporting software remain industry leaders on both ROI and flexibility, by lowering overall project cost, and improving customer confidence. Their instrument failure rate is under 1% a year, and instruments are backed by a 3 – 7 year warranty.  Their testers are used to install, certify, and assist in the repair of fiber optic systems across all fields - telecommunications networks, cloud and data-center, defense, vehicular, and aerospace. Their testers have proven to have an extremely long life.

Kingfisher had the first commercial Traceable Optical Calibration Laboratory in Asia in 1993, and was ISO 9001 certified in 1994. They have received numerous endorsements from government and industry bodies.