Military Aerospace

COTSWORKS’ transceivers are reliable and highly maintainable components for military grade networks. Examples such as the RJ and RCP family are surface mount or pluggable devices for MIL 883, 810, or harsher environments.

The RJ can operate 100Mbps to 10Gbps at Industrial Temperature or wider operating temperatures

The RCP can be configured with four 10Gbps separate circuits enabling 40Gbps throughput with protocols such as PCIe, USB 3.0, Infiniband or Fibre Channel.

Both superior optical link budgets and improved Digital Diagnostics accuracy with the RCP offering programmable addressing for its multiple channels.

COTSWORKS builds fiber optic cables for military LRUs (Line Replaceable Units) that meet or exceed MIL-PRF standards.

All cable assemblies can have drawings that call out dimension tolerances, military standards, label position, and endface polish criteria

Termini such as several 29504 variants, Expanded Beam, STs, or APC polish termini with APC polish are manufactured in the tens of thousands each year