COTSWORKS does schematic capture, layout, cast metal, sheet metal, and firmware design in house with tools like Altium and SolidWorks programs. Our transceivers’ components are tested individually with internally developed Optical Sub-Assembly testers and tested at various stages through the assembly process. PCBs are fabricated and assembled with components at a select group of Contract Manufacturers that we monitor closely throughout each year. Our metal components are made for us to our designs and specifications and with our tools. The firmware in the transceivers is based on industry standards in some cases or developed internally or with a partner who has DO-178B certification capability. The result is a very well controlled supply chain that enables high quality parts and as much control over the parts as possible while still maintaining cost effectiveness. And importantly when it comes to creating value…we listened to Alan Shepard and don’t always buy from the cheapest vendor…we buy from the right vendor and one that is close to our manufacturing facility.