Special Services

COTSWORKS ruggedizes optical transceivers by applying a conformal coating to the PWB inside the case. We offer a variety of coating types such as Parylene, Urethane, Silicone, Epoxy, and Acrylic. We perform this work in house under a certified ESD safe environment. A specific amount of coating can be applied to meet thickness or electrical resistance requirements. Some coatings include a UV additive to aid in auditing and certification. Conformal coating transceivers allow them to go into harsh environments where moisture, solvents, or corrosive chemicals could cause failure of the electronics. The laser assembly is usually hermetically sealed, but the laser driver and associated circuitry are extremely susceptible to both ESD and environmental damage. Corrosion can cause a change in opto-electric performance which results in changes in link budget or thermal emission changes. See our support section for MSDS information.

Conformal coatings can prohibit tin whisker growth on RoHS compliant modules.

While it may seem that a metal or plastic case can stop moisture from reaching the PWB, the opposite is actually true under some conditions. Condensation is more likely to appear in a partially sealed environment.

COTSWORKS conformally coats circuit cards with or without transceivers as well. Our Parylene and spray fixtures enable us to do 24 hour turnaround and we offer design and integration services to test the modules we process. Our coatings meet MIL-I-46058 and the newer IPC-CC-830.